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Introduction to the Fire Sprinkler Industry ITM Series Bundle: Inspection
Introduction to Residential Sprinkler Systems ITM Series Bundle: Testing

2021 NFPA Technical Session Debrief – Why it Matters

Inspection of Fire Sprinkler Systems

2022 NFPA 13 Discharge Rule Updates

Inspection of Pumps and Tanks

Changes to the Installation Criteria of the 2022 edition of NFPA 13

Inspection of Standpipe Systems, Private Mains, and Hydrants

Discussing Design Approaches

Inspection of Valves and Other Common Components

Fire Sprinkler System Installation Applying Rules

Internal Assessments, Obstruction Investigations

Irregular and Nonuniform Hydraulic Areas

NFPA 25 General Requirements

Manual Hydraulic Calculations

Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems

NFPA 13, 2019 Edition, Special Occupancy Chapter

Testing of Pumps and Tanks

NFPA 14, 2019 Edition, Updates

Testing Valves and Other Components

NFPA 14, 2019 Edition, Updates and Some Common Questions

NFPA 291, Hydrant Flow Tests

NFPA 15 Overview: Water Spray Fixed Systems

2023 NFPA 25 Updates and Proposed Public Inputs

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Electric Fire Pumps Power Supply

NFPA 13, 2019 Edition, Installation and Residential Update

Sizing Fire Pumps for Sprinkler Contractors

Changes to the 2022 editions of the Residential Standards

ITM and Fire Pumps

NFPA 13R 13D, 2016 Editions, Residential Updates

Changes to the 2022 Edition of NFPA 20

Hanging and Bracing

General Storage Requirements

NFPA 13, 2016 Edition, Hanging and Bracing Updates

Miscellaneous and Low-Piled Storage

Seismic Protection for Dummies

Protecting Palletized and Solid-Piled Class I-IV and Group A

NFPA 200, TBD Edition, Introducing the New Hanging and Bracing Standard

Protecting Rack Storage for Class I-IV

Water Supply

Protecting Rack Storage of Group A Plastics

NFPA 22, 2013 Edition, Water Tanks

NFPA 291, Hydrant Flow Tests

Codes and Standards

NFPA 20, 2016 Edition, Updates

2021 Updates to I-Codes

NFPA 20, 2019 Edition, Updates

Trade Ups in the IBC

Water Supply Assessing Adjustments

2021 NFPA Technical Session Debrief – Why it Matters

2022 NFPA 13 Discharge Rule Updates

NFPA 101, 2018 Edition, Life Safety Code, Fire Protection Updates

Important Changes for Fire Sprinkler Contractors in Building Codes, 2015 and 2018

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