Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for Training

Do I need an NFSA account to register for a class, session, or eLearning?

Yes, In order to register for ANY training, in class or online, you must create an individual NFSA account.

Create an individual NFSA account by selecting “Sign In” then “Create New User”. Individual accounts let you track training transcripts, download certificates, and more.

Can I Register additional participants for Training? 

If you are registering for online training (or eLearning), only the logged in participant will be registered. You must be logged in under your account to register for online training. The online training classes will be assigned to the account of the participant logged in.

If you are registering for an instructor led training (in person or live virtual training) you can register multiple participants by clicking on the registration button and selecting “Register someone else” or “Register an open-ended group”. 

Do I need special software to participate in webinars or other virtual classes? 

No. You only require an internet connection and web browser, though a webcam and microphone are recommended for some classes.

Virtual and hybrid classes are conducted through Microsoft Teams. You can log in with your company's Teams account, if you have one, or join Anonymously. When the link opens, select "Join on the Web instead" then select "Join Anonymously." If you are using a mobile device (phone or tablet), you will be required to download and use the Microsoft Teams App.

These browsers do not support Microsoft Teams Meetings or Calls: Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or download the Microsoft Teams desktop application. For more support on this topic, visit the Microsoft Support Article.

Where do I find my eLearning and virtual classes? 

All eLearning registrations require an overnight processing period. Once the overnight processing period has passed, you can access your eLearning by selecting "My eLearning" on the Learning & Development website, here. Note: You may need to disable pop-up blockers for the site.

If you encounter issues accessing courses, ensure your company firewalls are allowing access to the website. If you continue to have issues, please contact learning@nfsa.org.

After purchase, when will my eLearning or virtual class be available? 

NFSA’s system can take up to 24 hours to process a virtual class or eLearning purchase.  If the product does not appear on your dashboard after 24 hours, please contact learning@nfsa.org.

Tech Tuesday Webinar Series

Can a group of people participate in Tech Tuesdays together?

Yes, however, if you have multiple participants that require a certificate for the presentation, each must enroll individually. This includes having an NFSA individual account, enrolling in the webinar, accessing the course session individually, and completing the course evaluation provided by the instructor. Select here to set up an individual account or contact Membership Services at (443) 863-4464.

What is the deadline for registering for LIVE Tech Tuesday webinars?

Registration for Tech Tuesdays is available through the beginning of the class.. Tech Tuesdays are only available for the live presentation.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) & Certificates

Does NFSA learning qualify for continuing education credits?

Yes, NFSA learning, online and in class, are approved for NICET credits. NFSA Tech Tuesday virtual presentations and all in-person classes are also approved through ICC.

NFSA learning is accepted by most state and local jurisdictions for continuing education credits. If you have a question on whether NFSA training is accepted in your area, please contact your NFSA Regional Manager (list of RMs here)

Where do I find my Certificates?

A log of certificates is available in your account profile here or on the eLearning site. 

Where do I find my Certificates?

If a certificate does not appear on your account or the eLearning site, contact learning@nfsa.org with your name and the title and date of the session you attended.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

What is NFSA's cancellation policy for live classes?

The cancellation policy for all training (except Layout Technician Training, see below) allows for a full refund if cancelled prior to seven calendar days of the event start date. There is no refund for cancellations made within the seven day period. To request a refund, please e-mail learning@nfsa.org with your full name, session title, and date of the event registered. 

If a registrant is unable to attend, a registration can be transferred to another individual at any time, including the day of the seminar. To transfer a registration, please email the request to learning@nfsa.org

When traveling from distances, there is always the possibility a seminar may be cancelled. We suggest waiting when booking flights or hotels, or purchase refundable tickets. Notice of a canceled seminar is usually 2 weeks prior to start date. NFSA will NOT reimburse for any travel fees.

Cancellation of the Layout Technician Pathway course 

The cancellation policy for Layout Technician Pathway is as follows: 

  • If cancelled more than 21 days before the start of Layout Technician: Application a full refund is provided. 
  • If cancelled within 21 days of the Layout Technician: Application start date, a $250 administrative fee will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded. 
  • If the registration is rescheduled within 21 days of the class start date up to one day prior to the class start date, a $150 administrative fee will be charged in addition to the class fee.   
  • If the registration is not rescheduled at least one day prior, or the participant does not show up for class, no refund is provided. 
  • For cancellation or registration rescheduling, contact learning@nfsa.org   

Payment of Programs

Can I pay for a class by check?

Yes. To pay by check, complete the registration form in its entirety. When you come to the payment screen, select “Pay by Check”. This will automatically register you for the seminar, but you must contact learning@nfsa.org to complete payment.

Contact Information

Who do I contact for other questions regarding NFSA Learning?

Please contact learning@nfsa.org.