Layout Technician Pathway


The National Fire Sprinkler Association's Learning and Development team is proud to announce its new and improved Layout Technician Pathway!

What's New with NFSA's Layout Technician Class?

The NFSA's Learning and Development Team has restructured and revamped its Layout Technician class. While the course maintains many of its core contents and topics, it is being taught in a new way that provides deeper learning, more engaging activities, and directly applicable real-world scenarios.
Professionals from a Variety of Backgrounds can Benefit!

This class is designed for anyone new to the fire protection industry, or anyone who is simply trying to learn more and advance their career, such as designers, estimators, and sales professionals.

The purpose of the layout technician course is to take a person with basic knowledge of math, physical science and drafting skills and teach them to be productive basic sprinkler layout and detailing technicians. All of the work elements necessary for NICET Levels I & II Certifications will be covered by the course including sprinkler selection, sprinkler spacing and location, obstructions to sprinklers, water supplies (public mains, tanks and pumps), hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems, and standpipe system layout and calculation. 

How the Class is Structured?

Purchased as a single transaction, a student receives Layout Technician: Fundamentals, a series of self-paced eLearning modules and signs up for a real-time class, Layout Technician: Application. The real-time class will be offered at NFSA headquarters in Maryland and across the US, with virtual options available. The choice is entirely yours!


For access to Layout Technician: Fundamentals and registration for Layout Technician: Application
Members: $2,200.00
Non-members: $4,400.00

Register for any of our Layout Technician: Application offerings between now and May 10th and receive a 10% discount!

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Segment I Description

Layout Technician: Fundamentals – A series of self-paced learning with opportunities for instructor office hours, intervention, and support. These modules focus on the various core concepts necessary to understand and function as a Layout Technician in the 21st century. Learners explore content as simple as parts of a sprinkler using advanced 3D technology, up through and including carefully instructed hydraulic calculations – all while developing the soft skills necessary to overcome design challenges with the codes and standards in hand.

Segment II Description

Layout Technician: Application – A 3-day in-person, with a virtual option available, instructor-led class that applies the fundamental content learned in the previous course. Using project-based learning , students apply their knowledge of fire sprinkler layout concepts to a legitimate plan, learning through problem solving, research, and simply doing.

Coming in 2023: Layout Technician: Advanced Topics

This class will take students that have been through previous courses and have spent time in the field further applying and developing their knowledge and skills to dig into advanced challenges a seasoned Layout Technician would face in the field. For example, scenarios that include high rises, sizing fire pumps, and special hazards.