Rick Dunn

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I have had a well round career in fire and emergency service which includes volunteering with the Lugoff Fire District and completing a career with the Columbia Fire Department. Training became my passion early on where I had a successful career as an instructor, curriculum developer, and training manager with state and national organizations.  Several years ago, my passion and an internal drive led me to web-based education. I have always been one to ask, “why not”, so when the idea of training through web-based resources, I was drawn to work to bring a web-based solution to traditional occupations like firefighting or the fire sprinkler industry. I have also managed the Accreditation/Certification program for the S.C. Fire Academy that includes the development of test items, correlation to the NFPA standards and policy development.  I serve on several NFPA Professional Qualification standards and I have a strong understanding of the NFPA process.


I begin a new chapter in my life on April 4, 2016 with a move into private sector as an independent contractor. I currently have the SC State Firefighters’ Association (SCSFA) and the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) as long term clients.  I also complete development, SME and review work for Fire Protection Publications (FPP), Action Training Systems and Vision 20/20.