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Welcome to the NFSA Connecticut Chapter! The Connecticut Chapter of the NFSA is made up of individuals and professional organizations that are committed to advancing the fire sprinkler concept in the state of Connecticut. The chapter is committed to the overall NFSA mission: 

“To protect lives and property from fire through the wide-spread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.”

The NFSA Connecticut Chapter works closely with fire departments, fire sprinkler professionals, and elected officials to educate the public and influence public policy in favor of making the Constitution State a safer place for everyone who lives there.

The chapter regularly hosts fire sprinkler demonstrations for the public and elected officials as well as chapter events for all NFSA members. At these chapter meetings and outings, members not only gain an understanding of updates in Connecticut and the New England and greater New York areas, but also learn about new products in the industry as well as updates in national legislation and initiatives.

Be sure to check our page regularly to stay informed on upcoming events and legislation! 

Chapter Contacts

State Coordinator
Paul Zbikowski

M.J. Daly & Sons
Vice President, Vice Chair, Member
Johnson Controls International - Corporate
Secretary, Secretary
Kohler Ronan, LLC

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