How Fast Can A Christmas Tree Burn

When:  Dec 1, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM (ET)
How Fast Can a Christmas Tree Burn?  Find out and get holiday decoration safety tips at the Annual Christmas Tree Burn Demonstration on December 1st at 11:00am

Note:  All media are invited to attend.  Cameras can be set-up thirty minutes prior to the burn and experts will be available for interviews.
Please contact Stacey if you plan to attend. 

The public is invited to learn about fire safety, prevention, and witness first-hand how quickly a fire can spread during the annual Christmas Tree Burn Demonstration. The burn demonstration features a Side-by-Side Burn Trailer equipped with two rooms, each with similar furniture, a Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Both rooms have smoke alarms, but only one room is equipped with a fire sprinkler system.  A small fire is lit in each room allowing the audience to see how quickly Christmas trees (particularly dry trees) can catch fire and ignite other items in the room. The room without the sprinkler is often destroyed in seconds, while the flames are quickly suppressed in the room with the fire sprinkler.

“Each year firefighters respond to an average of 160 home fires reportedly caused by Christmas trees, and some 800 fires that start from holiday decorations (not including trees),” said Richard Mikutsky, Director of the NJ Division of Fire Safety. “The loss of a home to fire is awful, but injuries and death caused by fire can be utterly devastating.  That is why we hold these demonstrations to increase awareness of fire safety and encourage people to take steps to proactively prevent fires in the home during the holidays -- and year-round.”


Monmouth County Fire Academy
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Stacey Ehling